This garden had been lovingly tendered and enjoyed over many years, however the family had now left home, and the owners needed better access to the summerhouse which was now used for artistic hobbies.  The adjacent lawn had been impracticable for sitting and dining, so a new patio was created sympathetically joining an existing path. Extra interest came in the form of a beautiful terracotta pot with water tumbling over surrounding pebbles, with the accompanying decorative planting a peaceful oasis was created.

Back garden – click on photos to enlarge

These small changes made a huge difference to how the garden was used. The client was encouraged to commission me to redesign their front garden. Here an existing, large monkey puzzle tree, which was loved by the whole family, formed the pivot of the design.

The ugly stone wall was replaced with one made from bricks sourced to match the construction of the house.  A durable herringbone pattern was employed to create the surface of the driveway with raised edges to retain the flowerbeds.  The planting had previously been unfriendly and prickly too close to the pathway, the new plants incorporated lots of evergreens to give plenty of cover and interest throughout the year and to minimize maintenance. The dark passageway was lightened with matching paving and created a more practical bin-storage area behind some new bespoke, solid timber gates.

The clients now find access to their house much more welcoming, and the monkey puzzle tree sits comfortably amongst the new shrubs and perennials.

Front Garden – click on photos to enlarge

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