Sunbury – Medium Garden

A busy lifestyle and other priorities had led to the neglect of this garden, and it was time for a re-assessment and revival.  A cold, uninviting block-built shed was replaced with an attractive garden room, old sleeper made vegetable beds and restricting low walls were removed to be replaced with a generous porcelain patio for dining and sitting.  Rotten decking made way for an attractive, stepping-stone pathway through lush new planting.  A soak-away was installed to receive rainwater from the house and new turf laid to create a tranquil lawn at the heart of the garden.


The existing planting was tamed, and an additional line of olive trees planted to provide year-round interest in addition to necessary screening.  A double water feature was used to screen an ugly wall, providing interesting sounds to mask the nearby traffic. To provide access to the front of the property and to complement the new planting, a dramatic gate and screen were installed.

My client is thrilled with the transformation and now has somewhere beautiful and peaceful to relax in after a long day’s work.

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